Company Reference in Scotland

Our Scottish Company Reference is suitable for tenants and guarantors and has a next-day response time.

Letting a property to a company is not guaranteed income. In the current economic climate it is more important than ever to ensure that the company you let to is a good risk. Is your customer likely to go out of business owing you money? Will a customer delay payments, costing you time and money as you chase the payments?

A Company Reference from SAL and FLS Tenant Referencing can help you avoid these difficult situations.

Once all of the available data has been collected, a credit limit will be manually calculated and a comprehensive, easy to read report will be compiled. The report will advise you of the company's registered name, number, activities, date of last accounts and suggested credit limit.

How much does it cost?

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Company Reference
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Scottish Association of Landlords in partnership with FLS

To compile a Company Reference for Scottish landlords and agents we will look at:

  • Details of liquidation, receivership etc.
  • Creditor ratings
  • Profit and loss accounts (where available)
  • Company balance sheet
  • Date of incorporation
  • Director information
  • SIC codes/business activities