Full Tenant Reference for Scottish tenants and guarantors

Our Full Tenant Reference is tailored for tenants and guarantors in Scotland and has an average response time of 48 hours. It is administered by a dedicated, highly experienced team using the latest technology and is one of the most thorough references available.

Choosing the right tenant from the start can eliminate the stress of late or missing rent payments and reduce the risk of damage to your property. SAL now offers Scottish landlords a high-quality, in-depth tenant referencing service. Our Full Tenant Reference is eligible for landlords and rent guarantee insurance with leading providers.

Our Full Tenant Reference service does more than any other product available in the industry to minimise the risk of defaulting tenants in Scotland. Our cost-effective service provides the greatest depth of enquiry currently available to Scottish and UK landlords and we aim to respond within twenty four to forty eight hours.

How much does it cost?

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Full Tenant Reference - Single
Full Tenant Reference - Single £21.00 £26.00 BUY NOW
Scottish Association of Landlords in partnership with FLS

Each Full Tenant Reference includes:

  • Written verification of employment/income
  • Reference from current landlord or letting agent
  • Affordability calculation
  • Housing and Property Chamber First-tier Tribunal for Scotland search
  • Scottish Sequestration, UK bankruptcy and insolvency data
  • Residency and address confirmation
  • Alias name search
  • Linked addresses located and searched
  • ID verification checks
  • Application tracking with 24 hour online access
  • Eligible for landlords and rent guarantee insurance